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Reusable Adult Drink Pouches

Reusable Adult Drink Pouches



Reusable Adult Drink Pouches

Your summer pool, beach and theme park lifesaver is here! These reusable pouches are perfect when you aren't allowed a glass bottle this summer! They are refillable, zip close with a small slot for your straw that will come with them. Your straw color will be chosen at random and make these so fun! Pick a mild saying or one with some snark!

Crime: "True Crime. Pouch Wine. Bed By Nine."

Wine Mixer: "It's the Fu€king Catalina Wine Mixer"                        

Sip Me: "Sip Me, Baby One More Time"
Drink Up: "Drink Up, Bitches"
Office: "Out of Office"
Can't Sip: "You Can't Sip with Us"
Day Drinking: "Support Day Drinking"
Mama's Juice: "Mama's Juice Pouch"

Dimensions: 6x5 and hold 20 ounces! More than enough to get the job done!