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Assorted Standard Sized Can Koozies



Assorted Standard Sized Can Koozies

These fun and snarky regular sized koozies are just what you need to keep your drinks nice and chilled on the beach, at the pool, or even in your backyard. 

Relax: "Relax We're All Crazy. It's Not A Competition."

Vacay: "Always on Vacay"

Drinker: "Day Drinker" 

Tipsy: "Tipsy Tipsy Tipsy"

Calm: "Calm Your Tits" 

Suns Out: "Suns Out Buns Out"

BFF: "BFF Beer Friends Forever"

Beach: "Beach Mode" 

Hot Mess: "Hot Mess Coming Through!"

I'm Day Drinking: "Fuk It. I'm Day Drinking."

Prick: "Don't be a prick."

Beer: "Beer Me"

Alcohol: "Alcohol You Later"

Flamingo: Hot pink sequins with Flamingo pocket

Cacti: Black sequins with heart and cacti pocket

Paint: Maroon sequins with multi colored paint strokes pocket

Floral: Rose gold sequins with floral print pocket


* Made of neoprene
* Fits 12 oz size regular cans
* Foldable with sewn seams and slotted bottom